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Honea Path Government


If you would like to communicate directly with a member of the Town Administration contact the appropriate person below:

Mayor . Town Council . Town Planner

Police . Narcotics


Honea Path City Hall

(New Location : Watkins Community Center)
204 S Main St
Honea Path, SC 2965
Hours: 8 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday

PHONE: (864)369-2466     FAX: (864) 369-0580



Police Department

30 N. Main St.
Honea Path, SC 29654-1516

PHONE: (864)369-0532

The town has a strong mayor form of government. The Mayor serves a four-year term. The Town Council is composed of six members who serve a four-year term that is staggered. The Council holds monthly meetings on the second Monday at 700 pm in the Council Chanbers at Town Hall.

The town has all the Municipal services and is constantly in process of upgrading each department.

We welcome and invite you to visit a progressive town with a progressive future. Information is available on area opportunities by contacting:

Mayor Earl Lollis Meyers
Office of the Mayor
30 North Main Street
Honea Path, South Carolina 29654

Elected Officials:


Earl L. (Lollis)  Meyers


Ward 1 Councilmember

J.P. "Sonny" Davis




Ward 2 Councilmember

Fredda Gilmer



Ward 3 Councilmember

Jean Perrett



Ward 4 Councilmember

Rebecca W. Robinson




Ward 5 Councilmember

Dorothy Evans



Ward 6 Councilmember

Ellis Lark



Key Municipal Personnel


Administrator                       William S. Hall

Clerk/Treasurer          Beverly K. Crawford

Police Chief                          David B. King

Fire Chief               James A. (Jimmy) Smith

Town Planner           Ward R. (Rusty) Burns

Public Works Director      Matt McCullough

Recreation Director                       Tim Pace

Town Recorder/Judge           Skip Bannister



Jimmy King 
(2203 N. Main St., Anderson)


Planning Commission
Chairman - Jane Taylor
Jim Sheehy
John Johnston
Rusty Estes
Marsha Smith


Board of Zoning Appeals
Chairman - Joe Robinson
Bob Shepherd
Warren Cox
Trenna Metts
Freddie Robinson
Robert Greer


Election Commission

Chairman - Julian Drake
Betty Mitchell
Ruth Cunningham



Local Government

Fire Department


Police Department


Recycling Program


Post Office






Government Representatives


County Council


State Legislature


US Senate and House  


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Honea Path Facts at a Glance





Counties Anderson, Abbeville


Planning District Appalachian


Council Meets

2nd Monday of each month


Form of Government Mayor-Council





Full time employees: 43




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