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Honea Path Business Listing

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Antiques and Collectables

Vintage, Collectables and Bargains

Arts, Crafts and Handmade

Art Galleries, Museums & Tourist Attractions

Auto Parts, Dealers, Rentals, Repair & Service, Gas & Oil

Business & Professional Services
Employment, Marketing, Photography, Printing, Publishing

Community and Civic
Government, Libraries, Newspapers, Churches, Child Care, Baby Sitting, Clubs, Family Services


Sales, Service and Repair, Training, Web Design, Hosting

Computers, Internet Services, Phones, Satellite TV and Internet

Construction & Home Improvement
Contractors, Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Kitchen Remodeling, Lawn Care, Interior Design, Lumber,

Building Materials & Supplies, Hardware

Emergency Services

Fire, Rescue and Ambulance


Community & Civic Organizations  

Farming, Fruit & Produce
Animals, Feed & Seed, Hay, Horses, Boarding Nurseries, Supplies, Fresh Fruit & Produce Markets

Fashion, Boutiques and Apparel

Ladies, Mens, Babies and Children,  Shoes, Handbags, Gifts and Accessories,

Hair Care & Personal Services
Barbers, Beauty Salons,  Cosmetics, Nails, Spas, Tanning Beds

Health Care and Fitness
Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Health Clubs,

Medical Centers, Fitness, Aerobics, Pharmacies, Chiropractors, Rescue Squad

Home & Garden
Appliances, Furniture, Outdoor, House wares, General, Lawn

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Industrial Supplies & Services
Equipment Rental, Services

Internet & Website Services

Webpage Design, Website Hosting, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Shopping Cart

Media & Advertising
Newspapers, Marketing Consultants, Printers, Publishers, Internet,

Milling & Manufacturing

Production & Wholesale

Music & Entertainment
Museums, Theaters, Music, Musical Instruments, Bands,

Office Needs
Furniture, Office Supplies

Parties, Games, & Gifts
Florists, Jewelers, Party Supplies, Toys

Pets and Pet Supplies
Boarding, Grooming, Supplies, Veterinarians, Pet Food, Pet Supplies,

Professional Services
Accountants, Attorneys, Banks, Insurance, Tax Service, Loans,

Real-estate, Rentals & Storage 
Apartments, Appraisers, Moving Services, Real Estate, Storage, Rentals,

Religious Organizations

Restaurants, Food & Drink
 Cafe, Pizza, Grocers, Catering

Schools and Education

Business , Colleges, Elementary, Middle, High, and Technical Schools, Private Schools

Shopping & Specialty Retail
Books, Clothing, Home Electronics, Flowers, Office

Sports, Recreation & Hunting
Sporting Goods and Hunting Supplies  

Travel & Tours

Car Rentals, Agencies, Airlines, Hotels & Motels




Participating Honea Path Businesses

(we're adding new businesses daily)

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Bannister Piano and Music... 309 E. Greer St., Honea Path SC... 864-369-6757

Battle of Anderson... 1560 Griffin Farm Rd, Honea Path SC... 864-296-1275

Beyond Care Home Care Services... 1 North Main Street, Honea Path SC... 864-369-0222

Capital Bank... 509 East Greer Street, Honea Path, SC... 864-369-2265

Carolina Ford... 730 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-7376

Computers i Am... 19 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-1605

Diversified Hair and Nails... 9 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-378-6440

Foster's Used Cars... 514 Church Street, Honea Path SC... 864-369-6021

Honea Path Fire Dept... 200 N. Shirley Ave, Honea Path SC... 369-2976

Honea Path Rescue Squad Inc... PO Box 523 (6 Gaines Rd.) Honea Path SC...864-369-0112

Honea Path Storage... PO Box 424, Honea Path SC... 864-369-1153

Joy Golden Tax Service... 220 Church St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-0500

Little Biscuit Barn... 324 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-6882

Luther Moon... Residential / Commercial Builder-Designer... 19 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-1605

Mary Kay Cosmetics... Angela Hanks, Honea Path SC... 864-369-1093

McCall's Produce... 306 E. Greer St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-7004

McCall Tax Service... 220 Church St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-0500

McGaha Heating & Cooling... 11720 BHP Hwy, Honea Path SC... 864-369-0888 Cell 617-8879

News-Chronicle... PO Box 606 (310 N. Main St), Belton SC... 864-338-6124

Pruitt-Parker-White Funeral Home... 603 North Main St, Honea Path SC

Royal Cleaners... 43 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-7621

Select Insurance... 110 North Main St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-2662

Shannon Wilson DMD Dentist... 322 N. Shirley Ave, Honea Path - (864) 369-2966

Sheila's Hair Cottage... 26 Newman St, Honea Path SC... 864-369-2004

Studio Moon Art... 19 North Main Street, Honea Path SC... 864-369-1605

Tafta Inc.... PO Box 216 Hwy 178, Donalds SC... 864-379-8677

Town of Honea Path... 204 South Main St. Honea Path SC... 864-369-2466

Upstate Federal Credit Union... 430 North Main Street, Honea Path... 369-0095






























































































































































































There are presently more than 200 merchants, stores, offices and service businesses in and around Honea Path, yet no one knows you are here or where you are located!


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