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This easy submission form is for your convenience to submit necessary information to us or to receive information concerning the Honea Path Merchants Business Directory.

Registration is necessary for inclusion in our Honea Path Merchants Business list! Just fill out the information below or stop by my shop at 19 North Main Street... or call me at 369-1605 or cell 221-4540. Please leave a message if not here when you call!


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To help merchants garner the best possible presence in “The Directory”, Luther and Yoshiko Moon, representing Computers i Am and Studio Moon Art on Main, and also the designers and webmasters for the HoneaPath.com web site, will offer, at a greatly reduced price, a webpage design and publishing package whereas we will come to your place of business and perform a professional photo shoot (normally two to four hundred dollars), master the images, design and build your first webpage... then publish it to the Honea Path.com website. Check out some of the possibilities here...

While this package would normally cost in the neighborhood of five to seven hundred dollars, it will be offered, to our Business members only, for a one time flat fee of $150.00 (needless to say, this will be for a limited time only)… so please hurry! Contact us today... 



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