Honea Path Rescue Squad Inc.


   6 Gaines Road (PO Box 523)

   Honea Path, South Carolina  29654

   864-369-0112 tel   864-369-1725 fax 



Welcome to the Honea Path Rescue Squad Inc. website.



The Honea Path Rescue Squad, organized October 1966, as Honea Path’s Ambulance Service with 13 men present.  Members were: John B. Ashley, Ray Cox, Larry Young,  Mansell Bridwell, Gene Butler, Luther Campbell, Leon Thornton, Andy Ferguson Jr., Jasper Johnson, Tommy Campbell, Albert Gilstrap, Lewis McGaha, and Floyd WalkerOn December 6, 1966 , the name was changed to Honea Path Rescue Squad.  On September 7, 1967 the squad was officially chartered with the above named members including the following: J.B. Davis Jr., Jim Davis, Walter Hughes, Henry Woodson, and Tom McGee.


The first meeting was held in the court room at City Hall. They met every Thursday and paid one dollar a week. In 1966 Joel Black loaned the unit a building to use for a garage. It was later moved from East Greer Street to North Main Street.Mrs. E.E. Watson gave the rescue unit a store building which they tore down for material to build a small office on the back of the garage.

Arthur Foster Jr. was the first citizen to make a donation. The first equipment bought was a 1967 Chevrolet truck. The first ambulance was a 1947 Packard.On July 21, 1968, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burton donated a lot on Gaines Road. Members and friends donated time and labor and completed the facility in June of 1970. This location has been the rescue squads location ever since.

Self Industries of Greenwood was instrumental in helping HPRS get off to a very good start by making donations to buy equipment. They were also a major donator for years. The company lawyer also handled the paperwork for the charter of HPRS for free.


First Officers

The first officers were Ray Cox, Chief, Larry Young, Assistant Chief, Andy Ferguson, Jr., Secretary, Captain of Ambulances, Albert Gilstrap, and Treasurer and Chaplain, John B. Ashley, Sr.



Procedure:  Submit application with all educational credits, 10 years DMV driving record, SLED criminal history (ran by squad), sent before membership committee and then voted on by existing members. Employees are hired by the Chief and committee.


Bill Brock, Chief

Chief Brock began volunteering approximately 35 years ago with the Anderson County Rescue Squad.  He became Chief of the Squad in August 1998. He retired from the Honea Path Police Department.