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The Little Town with a

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Honea Path invites you...

to discover South Carolinas' Best Kept Secret


Honea Path is fast becoming one of the most sought after

bedroom communities in South Carolina.

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We pride ourselves on our friendly Town and the knowledge that, as secret's go... we have one of the best bedroom communities in  all of South Carolina. The merchants in our area are united together to support each other and our community.

Our community efforts are outstanding, as is the excellence of our schools... The Honea Path Merchants are focused on the promotion and support of small and medium size businesses which are equally important to Honea Path's prosperity and success.  Please check out our Business Directory and review the diversity of over one hundred and fifty local businesses within the Honea Path community.

Honea Path has attracted numerous small businesses that supply an unusually vast array of goods and services... such as restaurants, shopping centers, antique stores, business services, artisans, real estate, building and construction and so on. Economic diversity is one key to Honea Path's continued growth and success.

Several small businesses have recently been attracted to downtown Honea Path and there are plans to enact a major renovation to the Main Street district and we have many fine restaurants around town to satisfy your taste buds.

Honea Path is consciously retaining and improving that which is unique to our heritage... so as not to become like so many other "generic" suburban communities that have just sprouted up one subdivision, one strip mall, and one fast food restaurant after another.

The local Merchants welcome you to Honea Path


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New Business Spotlight

Financial Management
North Main Street
(864) 369-5700

Southern Charm Salon & Spa
512 E. Greer Street
(864) 318-3180

Melt Pizzeria
315 E Greer Street
(864) 210-7050

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