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JoAnna Shumate is both a designer and planner with an extensive background in creating unique and beautiful events, as well as highly attended public functions. She can help you from concept to completion on any type of event… from Weddings to Theatre Productions… JoAnna has done it all. Gifted with so many diverse talents, JoAnna can bring her expertise and creativity to your event and make it a success. With a strong background in media and marketing, JoAnna also knows what it takes to bring a crowd and how to handle them logistically on the day of the event.

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, JoAnna has spent her career making the most of her unique talents. She began in marketing and found herself drawn to the more creative side of events. She branched off more than 25 years ago and has been working every conceivable type of event since… Weddings are one of her focal points and she brings a team of experienced staff into play to ensure the optimum results on the bride’s special day.

Making further use of her talents, JoAnna discovered long ago that it was easier to personally create the look for an event that was in her mind’s eye, then it was to bring in other sources… the results have been proven over the years in the detail work of stage designs, marketing pieces for concerts and theatre, and decorations which are hand made for the holidays on commercial and residential levels. JoAnna has been known to hand make more than 4,000 red velvet bows to adorn entire cities during each Holiday Season, and yet still finds time to create stunning holiday arrangements and wreaths to decorate private homes and holiday parties.

JoAnna’s Events and Designs is truly a full service operation. You can feel confident that whatever you need for your special occasion… you will receive… and more! JoAnna will consult with you and create a proposal with guaranteed satisfaction. The headaches and worry will no longer be yours to bear. Whatever the event or design… you will smile with pleasure at the results.

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