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Honea Path's Health Improvement Plan For The New Millennium

Prepared by
Partners for a Healthier Honea Path
Fall 2001

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has". Margaret Mead

Values Statement

We are a rural community of people who are here by choice, not by chance with an appreciation for small town values: 

  • A friendly and caring community

  • Family virtues with strong spiritual values

  • Children, youth, and the elderly are integral parts of our community

  • A safe, supportive and healthy environment in which to live

Vision Statement

To develop our strong sense of community, We will:
Work cooperatively on all issues to maintain this as a desirable place to live, work and grow
Support all members of the community in a spirit of unity

Mission Statement

To create and maintain a healthier community by enhancing the quality of life for all citizens


Vision sessions began with the town of Honea Path in October 2000. Concerned citizens came together to explore means of creating a healthier environment in which to live. The term healthier is used not to suggest absence of disease, but improvement of the overall quality of life. We the citizens have convened with staff from AnMed Health Systems, DHEC (Anderson Co. Health Dept.) and Partners for a Healthy Community brought their Community Outreach Initiative, to implement a process that will enable us to positively improve our community.

Through community dialogue and survey tools we have identified four areas of focus to implement this initiative. The four focus areas are as follows:

  • Education

  • Health and Medical Services

  • Safety and Economic Development

  • Beautification, Culture and Historic Preservation

Hence the development of Partners for a Healthier Honea Path to address these issues as well as any other issues that may be deemed appropriate to address by this group. Partners for a Healthier Honea Path is a group of concerned citizens of Honea Path that stem from all walks of life. This group has formed four committees to address the four focus areas as well as a Coordinating Council to govern the overall activity of group. Partners for a Healthier Honea Path proudly submit this document as a written plan acknowledging their pledge to improving the life of all citizens in Honea Path.

Beautification, Culture and Historic Preservation Committee:
To instill a spirit of pride and ownership in the appearance, culture, and history of our community.

Safety and Economic Development Committee:
Foster cooperation with the town, county and state in order to develop a comprehensive plan for better, safer roads and more efficient routing of traffic.

Education Committee:
The Honea Path Community believes in encouraging public education for children and adults, recognizing that good schools are fundamental to the overall health of our community.

Health and Medical Services Committee:
The health of the members of a community is a reflection of the overall social health of the community. Our community will promote the physical and mental health of its residents.


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